Get ready Church – Judgement is coming!



Good day to you once again saints of the Living God. The title of today’s message is probably one that you have seen countless times before. And for sure you are going to see much more of these types of message titles. People let me be frank with you. The world out there does not want to hear these messages. Even more heart rendering is the fact that the Church-world does not even want to hear these messages. But let me tell you without fear or trembling, I believe that Jesus is about ready to “catch His Church away”. Now I know this doesn’t sit well with most of the Church-world and also the secular world. But let me warn you my friend, God’s patience with sinful man is coming to an end. As it was in Noah’s day, so it is today. God through a just man, by the name of Noah warned all of mankind in his day. “The Lord God saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created; both man and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them”, Genesis 6:5-7. In these scriptures we see that it grieved the Creator of Heaven and Earth to look upon His creation and see how wicked they had become. Because of the Fall [through Adam] man became so evil and vile in themselves that God could no longer look up-on this and allow it to go unpunished. John Gill in his ‘Exposition on the Entire Bible’ says the following concerning the above scriptures and I agree with him. “The heart of man is evil and wicked, desperately wicked, yea, wickedness itself, a fountain of iniquity, out of which abundance of evil flows, by which it may be known in some measure what is in it, and how wicked it is; but God, that sees it, only knows perfectly all the wickedness of it, and the evil that is in it: the "thoughts" of his heart are evil; evil thoughts are formed in the heart, and proceed from it; they are vain, foolish, and sinful, and abominable in the sight of God, by whom they are seen, known, and understood afar off: the "imagination" of his thoughts is evil, the formation of them; they were evil while forming, the substratum of thought, the very beginning of it, the first motion to it, yea, "every" such one was evil, and "only" so; not one good among them, not one good thing in their hearts, no one good thought there, nor one good imagination of the thought; and so it was "continually" from their birth, from their youth upwards, throughout the whole of their lives, and all the days of their lives, night and day, and day after day, without intermission: this respects the original corruption of human nature, and shows it to be universal; for this was not only true of the men of the old world, but of all mankind; the same is said of men after the flood as before, and of all men in general without any exception”. So that is what Mr. Gill has to say about the sinfulness of men as relating to God having the need to punish sinful wicked men. The Lord God told Noah, “the end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold I will destroy them with the earth”, Genesis 6:13. Looking at the above scriptures we can see how serious God looked upon the wickedness of man, that it came to the point where He decided that He was going to destroy not only mankind but even the animals on the earth and the fowls of the air. This is it folks! God has had enough of the sinful ways of wicked men and women. He was destroying everything that He had created. But wait just a moment? God in His infinite wisdom, patience, love and compassion for His very prized creation had a plan. He said to Noah, “Make thee an ark”, [v14]. God gave Noah the blue-print of what the ark was to look like and the size of it, [v14-16]. Then the Lord told Noah that it would only be himself, his wife, their three sons and their wives, [v18]. And the Lord God gave instructions to Noah as to the two-of-a-kind animals, and fowls of the air, etc, that would be required to be taken aboard the ark, [v19-20]. After 120 years of building the ark and preaching and warning mankind to repent of their wicked ways, God called a halt to the wickedness that enveloped the world of Noah’s day. After God closed the doors to the ark, the fountains of the deep were broken up and the windows of the heavens were opened, and for 40 days and nights it rained none stop [v 11-12]. The people eventually woke up as to what Noah was preaching about for the last 120 years. But my friend it was too late. The ark of safety which was open to “whosoever will” was now closed and would not be opened.  There was an open invitation to the men and women of Noah’s day to come into the ark and be saved from the judgment that was to come. Men chose to ignore these warnings, as they have ignored God’s warnings through His prophets all through the ages since. My friend, as we study the Biblical record of ancient times [before the flood], we see the mercy of God, we see the patience of God, we see God’s warnings time after time. We come to understand even through all these time’s of warnings the very attributes of a loving God as He extends that love to a fallen people. But men ignored and pushed away the loving hand of mercy, patience, and love. Based on the Bible record we see that God in His infinite love could no longer extend this compassion too His prized creation because of their wicked evil ways. The apostle Peter gives us an indication as to how God’s wrath on the one hand and His patience on the other were extended to His creation during ancient times. Peter is speaking firstly of the angels who rebelled with Satan in this instance, “For if God spared not the Angels who sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto Judgment”, 2 Peter2:4.

 John Gill says the following; By whom are meant the devil and his angels; who are spirits created by God and as such were good; their first estate which they left was pure and holy, as well as high and honorable; they, were at first in the truth, though they abode not in it; they were once among the morning stars and sons of God, and were angels of light; their numbers are many, and therefore are here expressed in the plural number, "angels", though it cannot be said how large; a legion of them was in one man; one at first might be in the rebellion, and draw a large number with him into it, at least was at the head of it, who is called Beelzebub, the prince of devils: what their first sin was, and the occasion of it, is not easy to say; it is generally thought to be pride, affecting a likeness to, or an equality with God; since this was what man was tempted to by them, and by which he fell, as they are thought to do; and because this is the sin of such who fall into the condemnation of the devil”. So these very angels of light, for that is what they were, committed the ultimate sin of dis-obeying their Creator and stayed not in their original abode, by co-habiting with the daughters of men, which God forbade them to do. The end result being that God Almighty did not condemn these rebellious angels eternally, but rather deferred them to darkness in chains for later judgment. This refers to the Great White Throne Judgment, when they will be judged and cast into the Lake of Fire referred to in Revelation 20:10. And so God destroyed all mankind except Noah and his family, for the only reason that He had a plan to bring man back into fellowship with Himself. All through the Bible God warns men about coming judgment? But mankind in his state of rebellion, and sinful ways will not repent. God through Noah’s sons and their wives started to multiply and replenish the earth with the human species, Genesis 9:1. John Gill has the following to say, “With temporal blessings, not spiritual ones; for though some of them were blessed with such, yet not all, particularly Ham: and said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth; depopulated by the flood: this is a renewal of the blessing on Adam, a power and faculty of propagating his species, which was as necessary now as then, since there were so few of the human race left in the world; and the renewal of this grant was the rather necessary, if, as has been observed, Noah and his sons were restrained from cohabiting with their wives while in the ark: but though these words are not an express command for the propagation of their species, yet more than a bare permission, at least they are a direction and instruction to it, and even carry in them a promise of fruitfulness, that they should multiply and increase, which was very needful at this time”.


We see further the warnings that God gave pertaining to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. These two cities were chosen out by God for the wickedness of the inhabitants. The men of these cities had given themselves over to the sin of homosexuality, and God Almighty once again decided that their evil ways could not go unpunished. God sent down two angels, Genesis 19, to warn Lot that he had to remove himself from the city of Sodom as God was going to destroy it and Gomorrah. After Lot fled with his wife [she who looked back and turned into a pillar of salt, [v26] and their daughters, the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah, brimstone and fire and destroyed not only the cities, but the inhabitants, burned up everything that grew in the ground. Friend there was absolutely nothing left of these twin cities that could indicate even that it existed, [v25]. So God once again showed His displeasure to the inhabitants of the earth that He will not and cannot tolerate sin. Men refusing to repent of their wicked ways end up coming second against a Holy God. God gave opportunity for these cities to be spared if there were any righteous people found therein. But sadly there were not even ten righteous to be found and God had no choice but to destroy the cities with all the inhabitants. Once again God showed not only His wrath toward wicked people, but first displayed His patient side unfortunately to no avail, Genesis 18:24-33.


My friend we see also in Moses’ time when Pharaoh received warning after warning to let the Israelites go. God said through Moses His servant, to tell Pharaoh, “Let my people go”…Exodus 5:1. Of course we see once again the patience of a Holy God extended to an evil King and his people. For 400 years the Jews were kept in slavery in Egypt. The wickedness of the Egyptian-Pharaoh’s toward the Israelites came before Him, and Jehovah the Great I Am sent Moses to tell him to, let my people go [His patience]. God warned the king over and over by sending plagues [His wrath]. Sadly once again to no

avail, Exodus 7- 12. Eventually the Lord brought death to the house of Pharaoh, and to the entire first born of every Egyptian family including the animals. Pharaoh admitted defeat and let Moses and the Jewish nation leave Egypt. But as always the arrogant attitude of men came to the fore, and Pharaoh’s armies went after the Jews. God opened the Red Sea for Moses and the people of God to cross over, and the Egyptian armies tried to cross the same way, but their daring arrogance brought only death to them, Exodus 14.  Even after God having delivered the Israelites out of bondage to the Pharaohs, they kept falling back to worshipping idols, and getting mixed up with other nations, which the Lord forbade them to do. God’s intention for this was to keep a pure lineage of royalty through which the Saviour and Redeemer of all mankind would eventually come. God warned Israel over and over even though He was patient over many years to this wayward nation. But the people did not listen. All through Israel’s history God sent His prophets to warn Israel against their spiritual adultery. And we see that time and again God had to punish His people by allowing heathen nations to overwhelm them. And after persecution eventually Israel would repent and God would then free them again. We see as an example when Israel was delivered into the hand of King Nebuchadnezzar and held in captivity by the Babylonian empire and the sufferings they went through, Ezra 5:12. The wrath of God once again having to be displayed toward disobedient peoples. All through the scriptures we see the Lord having to punish Israel, allowing them to be overthrown by the heathen nations. All through the history of human existence God has spoken and warned people. If not through the prophets of old, and the preachers of righteousness, then truly he has given witness of Himself and the desire to be able to have fellowship with this prized creation called man. The Apostle Paul says in Romans 1:18-20, as proof to this, “For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness. Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God has showed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His Eternal Power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse,”. You see my brother and sister, God has a personal emotion, which is His wrath. He is without a doubt unalterably opposed to sin. Sinful man refuses to recognize who God is and what God is. He is Creator of all and everything. Through His creation He has placed His signature in all of it. As is obvious to all reasonable thinking men, Creation demands a Creator, which will tell us of the Eternal Power of God. Paul warns us even further in Romans 1:21- 32, without a doubt of our present situation today. We are living in an age where men and women [the vast majority anyway] have aborted all forms of morality and righteousness. Anything goes today. It’s ok to live with someone of the opposite sex without the convenience of holy matrimony. It’s ok to live in an un-holy relationship with someone of the same sex [homosexuals and lesbians]; it’s ok for same sex partners as mentioned to get married and enjoy the same privileges as any normal heterosexual relationship; Never mind whether God calls it an abomination, Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; if the like’s of a Desmond Tutu or a Barrack Obama, and Hollywood says it ok then it is acceptable. But judgement is coming on those who practice these abominations. Judgement is coming on those who say it is ok. Judgment is coming on those who pass legislation in their parliaments concerning this issue and make it all legal for these misled humans to practice these abominations. It’s ok nowadays to abuse women and children; it’s ok for children to disobey their parents, Romans 1:30, because a godless Government allows such legislation to pass through their parliament, where a child now has certain human-rights; meaning if a parent wants to discipline [spank them] their child, they can be brought before a court of law; it’s ok to murder someone, or assault someone and then be treated [the perpetrators] with such human-dignity by a human-rights government who has no concern whatsoever for the victim or their families; it’s ok nowadays for politicians to be caught with their hands in the money-till and get a slap on the wrist, or receive a golden handshake for their trouble; it’s ok nowadays for a so-called democratically elected President of a country to have several wives and numerous children in and out of wedlock all going under the guise of tradition and cultural background. Call it what you want, God calls it sin and unrighteousness. These purveyors of godlessness and un-righteousness do not understand God in the realm of His Creation, neither can and will they understand Him in anything else, therefore they refuse to honour Him as God. Mankind has arrived at the point where they change the truth of God into lies to conform to their fleshly desires [V25]. Right has become wrong, and that which was once looked upon as wrong and un-holy is now acceptable in our society. The human race carries the idea they can put God to the test for the purpose of approving or disapproving Him.


The Bible teaches that in the last days much apostasy will come, and by that not only in the secular-world but my friend the greatest apostasy is currently in the Church. The Holy Spirit through the Apostle Peter clearly warns us that as there were false prophets among the people of Israel, “even shall there be false teachers among you”, 2Peter 2:1. Peter is speaking here to what can be none other than the situation within the present day church. For the last several decades there has been what is commonly known as the Word of Faith Movement that is the forerunner in teachings of prosperity for the believer. A false teacher is one who presents a way of Salvation, or a way of Sanctification, other than the Cross of Calvary. Peter continues by saying that these false teachers, “privily shall bring in damnable heresies….and bring upon themselves swift destruction”, [v1]. Not only to themselves but also upon those who follow them. The truth of the matter is folks, these false teachers teach some true doctrine, and then cleverly include [their own thoughts] false teaching with the Truth of God’s Word. It is this type of subtleness that Satan has infiltrated the Church with to bring lies that sound as if it is true to an unsuspecting Church-world. Peter continues by saying, “that many [unsuspecting congregations] shall follow their [false teachers] pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of Truth shall be evil spoken of”, [v2]. The apostle concludes with a shattering statement, “And through covetousness shall they [false teachers] with feigned words make merchandise of you”… [v3].

Webster’s Dictionary defines covetousness in the following way:

A strong or inordinate desire of obtaining and possessing some supposed good; usually in a bad sense, and applied to an inordinate desire of wealth or avarice.

Out of the heart proceedeth covetousness, Mark 7.

Mortify your members--and covetousness which is idolatry, Colossians 3. The underlying cause as are being taught primarily by Faith Movement teachers is money. Here are some very choice sayings from preachers within this movement. Recently one prosperity preacher boasted, “I just spent $15,000 for a dog. The ring on my finger costs $32,000. I live in an 8,000 square-foot house, but I’m going to build a bigger one. When people see my big house and my Rolls Royce in the driveway, they must know there is a God in heaven”. Another preacher warns the crowds, “Do not ever give to the poor…give only to the blessed. You will be blessed yourself only as you give to the blessed. Giving to the poor is a waste of your money. This dear friend is a twisting of the Word of God. These covetous preachers have an insatiable craving for more, reaching for more, for that which is bigger and more luxurious. It is a trap wherein multitudes of Christians are falling into. Peter warned us to be aware of these so-called ministers who would pervert the Word of God to exploit believers; preachers who would develop a false doctrine of avarice and greed. When the like’s of a Kenneth Copeland and Fredrick Price sit around a table in the studio before a worldwide television audience, telling people that Jesus Christ was rich [because he supposedly had to feed 12 disciples, and clothe them etc] then your radar must spring into operation. The radar must go up when the likes of a John Avanzini start telling people over television that, “Jesus had a nice house, a big house, big enough to have guests stay over the night with Him, [“Believers Voice of Victory” program on TBN]….or when he says that, “Jesus was handling big money because the treasurer he had was a thief…you can’t tell me that a ministry can operate on a few pennies. It took big money to operate that ministry, because Judas was helping himself and stealing from the moneybag” [“Praise the Lord” program on TBN]. My friend this is a complete distortion of what the Bible teaches us on these matters. Yet 2 Corinthians 8:9 tells us, “For we know the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might be rich”. This scripture does not in any way indicate that Christ was rich when He walked the earth for three and half years. [During His ministry God the Father I believe met all the needs of His Son]. What it does say is that Christ [the Word] left the richness, and majesty of Heaven’s glory behind and became poor for our sakes as the scripture above indicates. And after what Christ did on the Cross He returned to Heaven and all of its glory, majesty and richness so that we might inherit that richness [in Him] that He enjoys with the Father. Fredrick Price says, “I’m trying to get you out of the malaise of thinking that Christ and the disciples were poor, thinking that you as a child of God by following Jesus must also be poor. The Bible says that He has left us an example that we should follow in His footsteps. The reason why I drive a Rolls Royce is because I’m following Jesus’ footsteps” [“Ever increasing Faith” program on TBN]. The reason Price is driving a Rolls Royce is because he and those of his ilk are distorting God’s Word. I can go on mentioning these false distortions of the Faith Movement teachers, but I will let the Apostle Peter tell you what the Holy Spirit says of them, “whose judgment now of a long time lingers not, and their damnation slumbers not” [v3]. Yes dear reader their judgment is not far off because they arrogantly preach that you cannot receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit until you prosper. Paul Crouch who is founder President of TBN made this blasphemous statement on live television, “Force God to perform a miracle by planting thousands of dollars on your last dollar…do you have a sick child? Don’t go to Jesus in prayer, plant cold cash into TBN and God will make your child well. That my dear friend is nothing short of blasphemy! But the Prophet Isaiah has their number on this, “Yea, they are greedy dogs, which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand; they all look to their own way, every one for his own gain, from his quarter”, Isaiah 56:11.

Proverbs 22:16 says the following, He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich shall surely come to want”. Let me add this to stress the point. The word want found in this text means – EXTREME POVERTY. Is that clear enough for you? If you continue giving to these ministers to fill their own coffers God will punish you with extreme poverty. Whereas I have here alluded to these big name international preachers, this type of doctrine is taking place here in South Africa too. But more on that some other time! Judgment is coming not only on this world, but it is surely coming to the Church. There is much deception in the Church today. Thank God for men who still stand strong in the Faith, and True to the Word of God? Let me be frank with you who read this. The church where I worship and am a member of is slowly and very subtly being led to accept these new teachings of prosperity, and toward the rumblings of the so-called Toronto Blessing phenomenon. God help us!!

I came across a very interesting article the other day and wish to share with you the false teaching of Benny Hinn. The Bible warns us against communication with the dead; Deuteronomy 18:10-11 warns us, “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch; or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. Remember King Saul has lost the anointing and blessing of God, and even as He still was the King he had much authority. We read in 1Samuel 28:6, that Saul went to seek the Lord about a certain matter and the Lord did not answer him, neither by dreams or even by the prophets. So Saul realizing that he had to get an answer somewhere asked his servants “Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit that I may go to her, and inquire of her. And his servants said to him, behold there is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at Endor”, [v7]. The reason Saul went to go see this witch was for her to call up the spirit of the prophet Samuel to ask him for advice concerning the Philistine armies who was making war against him, [v15]. Saul while addressing Samuel [this was not the prophet of old but a demon spirit in the form of the prophet] admitted that the Lord had departed from him, [v15]. The Lord through His prophets warned the people [Israelites] never to seek the help of such people. He still warns us today never to do this. Yet sadly to say many so-called Christians do admit to having been in contact with such heresy. Many people [Christians included] turn to the stars-guide for direction, to see what their day is going to be like. Many go to the fortunetellers to see what their future holds for them. To be told by these false purveyors of evil if they going to have any luck, or if there is someone special coming into their lives, etc. It’s all lies people. No one can predict my and your future, except God Almighty himself.  Because of Saul’s disobedience he lost his throne; thereby God once again showed His wrath and judgment upon those who disobey His commandments. Now let’s go back to Benny Hinn! In one of his services several years ago [Blaisdale Arena, Honolulu], Hinn expounded to his audience how that he has seen not only prophets of old but also saints who have passed onto heaven. He said that Kathryn Kuhlman appeared to him with many others, and spoke to him and gave him instructions to pray for a healing ministry that will touch the world. “Pray! She said. We are waiting for you to ask! We are praying with you to ask. Hinn then continues in this vain by saying, I believe the saints in heaven urge us to pray. Urge us to do it”! Hinn then tells his audience the reason he believes this is in the Bible, is because Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus on the mountain where Christ had taken Peter, John and James to pray, Matthew 17:3-4; Mark 9:4-5 and Luke 9:30. Me thinks Mr. Hinn has got his facts wrong concerning this matter. Comparing the two portions of scripture, one can see there is a fast difference in the scenarios being played out. The one has got nothing to do with the other. The so-called spirit [supposedly Samuel the prophet], appearing to King Saul was no where near in significance to the appearance of Moses and Elijah in their glorious state when they spoke to Jesus, for the factual reason it was a demon-spirit. The three disciples who were with Christ saw this with their very own eyes. Not only Moses and Elijah but the Lord Jesus, their Master was in a glorified state. His raiment shone with light, and His face did shine as the sun. Christ was in fact showing the disciples what He would look like after the Cross. That this is what Heaven is all about. He was giving them a glimpse into the spirit-side of things. This is what they will be like in their glorified bodies. Although Jesus was even then speaking with the two prophets about his death, this is what the eventual result [glorified bodies] will be for Him [after the Cross and His return to Heaven] and all those who dare to follow Him. Yes we will have glorified bodies like unto Him.

Matthew Henry explains this very well in his Commentary: Christ's transfiguration was a specimen of that glory in which he will come to judge the world; and was an encouragement to his disciples to suffer for him. Prayer is a transfiguring, transforming duty, which makes the face to shine. Our Lord Jesus, even in his transfiguration, was willing to speak concerning his death and sufferings. In our greatest glories on earth, let us remember that in this world we have no continuing city. What need we have to pray to God for quickening grace, to make us lively! Yet that the disciples might be witnesses of this sign from heaven, after awhile they became awake, so that they were able to give a full account of what passed. But those know not what they say, that talk of making tabernacles on earth for glorified saints in heaven.

If you will notice that Benny Hinn says he spoke with saints [dead saints], and that they talked to him, gave him instructions, and told him they were praying for him. This is nothing else but what is known as necromancy and communication with the dead. God absolutely forbids this in His Word. The fact that Hinn stated that this necromancy is Bible supported by Christ’s experience on the mountain of “Transfiguration” is a total twisting of the truth of these two scriptural scenarios written about in God’s Word. My friend be careful for men such as these, as they tend to always descend into deeper and deeper error, as this is the natural way of Satan’s kingdom of deceit. I do not make claims that these men are evil but be careful when you listen or watch them teach; and compare what they teach to what the Bible says. But yes I do claim that judgment is coming to the Church for those who do teach error and twist the Word of God to their own thinking to mislead men and also for their own un-lawful gain. God warns us through the writers of the New Testament about much apostasy, where if it were possible even the elect would even be deceived, Mark 13:33. More than ever before has the Church been inundated with wrong doctrines from men and women who supposedly are teaching the truths of the Bible. The Bible warns us to be aware of these ravenous wolves, Matthew 7:15.  Jesus warns us in the very sternest of ways to be careful for these wolves. The Apostle Paul warns us with heartfelt meaning, Acts 20:29. These so-called ministers of the gospel will use very subtle ways and words to mislead their congregations in departing with their money. Friend’s do not be fooled by all the promises that these agents of Satan hold before you. Just this morning [01\03\2010] I was watching TBN and there were three very well known preachers on at different intervals, bringing a Word from the Lord. Now I am not saying there was anything wrong in the Word that was being preached. My problem is the way in which it was delivered, with the underlying cause of extracting money from the studio audience and also the TV audience. One can only say that looking at what the above verses presents, it is a perfect description of those [wolves] who merchandise the Body of Christ in whatever way they can.

God warns the Church today as He has done the past 2000 years. God has clearly marked warning signs in the Bible. Such warnings can be found in, Matthew21:13; Mark11:17 and also Luke 19:46 , Jesus went into the Temple and threw out the money-changers, overturned tables and cast out those who had used the temple [church] of God for gain. On this day Christ cleaned out the temple [church] with those money-mongers, because He was already then headed to Calvary’s Cross to die for the sins of the world. Before He would suffer at the hands of the Roman soldiers Jesus first had to clean the House of God from these money-grabbing mongers, who were interested only in enriching themselves. So it is today dear reader that the Church of our Lord, the House of God, has once again become a place for money-grabbing mongers. Upon doing this Jesus declared, “My house shall be called house of prayer but you have turned it into a den of thieves”. Jesus did not mix his words when he addressed these money-changers of His day. So also it can be said of these ministers, preachers etc, today who fleece the flocks of God all in the name of “the work of the Lord”. These so-called preachers are nothing less as Jesus called them, a bunch of thieves; “because they through covetousness and with feigned words shall they make merchandise of you”. These are the words of Christ, affirming what is complained of in Jeremiah7:11, “Is this house, which is called by my name , become a den of robbers in your eyes”;  and applying it to the present day situation, on account of the merchandise, unlawful gain, avarice and means of fleecing the flocks [God’s children], had a considerable share in these things; and to whom the temple was, and by them used, as a den is to and by thieves and robbers, where they shelter themselves; for these persons robbed both God and man, and the temple was a sanctuary to them: here they screened themselves, and, under the appearance of religion and devotion, devoured widows' houses, plundered persons of their substance, and were full of extortion and excess. Is what John Gill saying an outright true example of what is taking place in the House of God today? I totally think so!! My friend God is going to place judgment on these money-mongers who fleece His flock for their own ill-gotten gain, even if they use subtle and honey-suckled words to make it sound as if it is all done for the cause of Christ.

Another warning that we can adhere to is when Jesus, after having completed His mission, without a doubt the greatest words that still echo through the ages “It is finished”, seated at the right hand of the Father in glory, paid a visit to John the apostle exiled on the Isle of Patmos. Jesus called for John the Revelator and said, “Come on up here and bring a pen and a writing-pad, I want you to write some letters to the Seven Churches in Asia”. Our Lord was so concerned about the Church that He had to warn them of the things to come so that they would be ready for the Great Day when He would come again.

John himself says, “I was in the Spirit, on the Lord’s Day, and heard behind me a great Voice, as of a trumpet; Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last: and, what you see, write in a Book, and send it to the Seven Churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea, Revelation 1:10-11.  Although Jesus chose these seven churches to communicate His concerns  thereby instructing John to write and convey His concerns and therefore His warnings; it is without doubt that these letters were also meant to stretch beyond the seven, reaching down through the ages to all the churches; meaning the Church [of our Lord] as a whole. There is a serious warning that must be taken notice of by every believer who belongs to some church-affiliation and that is, “For the time is come that judgment must begin in the House of God; and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them who obey not the gospel of God”, 1Peter 4:17.  This is certainly the time when God is and will judge His Church. So this judgment will begin with Believers, as pertains their Faith, whether that Faith is in the Cross or not? If your Faith is anchored in Christ and what was accomplished on the Cross, then you are spared that judgment, because Jesus was judged in our place. If the Lord will judge His Own, my friend how much more will the un-redeemed be judged? And neighbor it is only the Cross and our acceptance of Jesus as Savior and Lord that can stay the Judgment of God. Peter continues by saying, “And if the Righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the un-godly and the sinner appear? [v18]. The righteous can only be saved by trusting only in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, nothing else will suffice. So also if the great Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross is rejected, where does that leave those who spurn such a sacrifice? There is absolutely no hope for them.

My friend, not only is there Judgment coming to the Church but to the world at large also. Let me start here with what is coming of Hollywood, that Mecca of film\music-industry. Let me start off by shocking you with what a certain actress by the name of Kathy Griffin had to say at her acceptance speech for the Emmy she won sometime back. “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus”. She went on to say, “Suck it Jesus, this is my god now”, referring to the Emmy. One can only imagine had she made the hate speech against Mohammad?  Did the Christian community in America protest against her speech? Kathy Griffin may have gotten away with her distasteful, blasphemous speech for now, but my friend judgment will be reckoned on her someday by a Holy God who will not tolerate and hold those blameless, who use his Name in vain, Exodus 20:7; Deuteronomy 5:11.

At the so-called MTV 2009 Video Music Awards, incorporated dark and strange acts, that came down to nothing less than occultic initiations. First there was Madonna, the High Priestess of the music-industry bringing tribute to Michael Jackson. During this tribute she uses the teachings of the Kaballah, which is the esoteric school of Judaism which is studied in most occult orders. A Jewish Rabbi, Ariel Bar Tzadok explains how she uses\misuses the Kaballah symbolism in her music.

"I discovered that Madonna's famous dabbling with sacred Jewish mysticism has taken an interesting turn. In her latest music video for the theme song of a new James Bond movie, the "material girl" of old is transforming herself into a "Kabbalah girl." Aside from the traditional Madonna blend of music and sensuality, in this video we see Madonna has a Holy Name of G-d tattooed onto her right shoulder. Tattooing, mind you, is a practice forbidden under Torah Law, all the more so abhorred by the Kabbalah. Granted the tattoo may not be real or only temporary but nonetheless, any expression of performing a forbidden act is itself forbidden and inexcusable. Unfortunately, Madonna's abuse of Kabbalah and traditional Torah Judaism does not stop here. Later in the video we see Madonna winding leather straps around her left arm in the exact same format and style as holy tefillin are worn by religious Jewish men. Tefillin consist of a small leather box containing scared parchments. These are then strapped to one's left biceps, and the strap is wound down the left arm and around the hand. Granted Madonna did not go so far as to defame the tefillin boxes themselves. Yet, it is quite clear that the wrapping of the straps around her arm is done in orthodox Torah style. This act of hers is pure sacrilege."

At the same VMA, Jack Black [actor] comes on stage as a heavy metal guy on steroids to promote a video game. And this is what he does! Jack Black comes out dressed as a heavy metal guy on steroids to promote a video game. At one point he asks the audience to put their devil horns in the air and the proceeds to pray to the "darklord Satan". The whole thing is light-hearted and comical but I don't see any other way a prayer to Satan can be inserted into a primetime show without getting a truckload of complaints by "concerned parents". The scene starts off semi-funny but Jack Black finishes off on a more serious note by saying: "I ask you to grant tonight's nominees with continued success in the music industry". This last phrase actually reveals a dark truth about the entertainment business. So the net result of this scene is this: everybody threw up their "devil horns" hand sign, then took each other's hands and prayed to Satan. This piece of pre-rehearsed comedy might have been an insignificant skit in another show. But in the context of this one, with its many recreations of occult rituals, the skit takes a whole other, sinister meaning.

And then there was the following display of what one cannot describe as anything but satanic. Friends I don’t even want to place the pictures on this website because it is not suitable for viewing, but here is the actual interview and feedback of the performance by this so-called performer, that goes by the name of Lady Gaga if you please.

Lady Gaga's performance was hailed as "brilliant" by many music fans. If you however ask them what it symbolizes, their face turns into a question mark. Here's what Gaga said about her performance during an interview at

Do you think it will be one of those defining moments people will remember at the VMAs?
I know it will. I sort of have this philosophy about things: there's never a reason to do something unless it's going to be memorable, unless it's going to change things, unless it's going to inspire a movement. With the song and with the performance, I hope to say something very grave about fame and the price of it.

Some-thing grave? What?
You'll have to see.

What are you going to wear?
I would say that the fashion for the performance is a representation of the most stoic and memorable martyrs of fame in history. It's intended to be an iconic image that represents people. I think after watching the performance and maybe studying it after you watch it on YouTube, you'll see the references and the symbols come through.

The setting for the performance is very symbolic. Gaga performs in a temple or maybe an aristocratic mansion, complete with columns, chandlers and paintings. Occult rituals, mind control experiments and even human sacrifices have been constantly rumored to take place in those kinds of settings. One feature I cannot ignore is the presence of two massive pillars underneath an arch. This obvious reference to Freemasonry hints to the occult and ritualistic aspect of Gaga's performance. Masons are known to carry in their lodges ritual dramas, which are live reenactments of allegorical stories. Gaga's performance symbolizes her rise to fame and the sacrifice she had to make in order to succeed. When the bloody Gaga is lifted in the air, an eerie light comes out of  between the pillars and the dancers lift their arms in the air in praise. Many ancient religions carried out ritual sacrifices to please the gods. Blood sacrifices have also been viewed by black magicians as the ultimate way to collect spiritual energy. The final scene of the performance conveys the presence of this mysterious "force" after a sacrifice.

Right after her performance, Gaga appears dressed in an all red dress, with her face completely covered. She is basically a walking, talking blood sacrifice. It represents the aftermath of fame, the hellish life that follows the sacrifice, the selling of the soul for success in the music industry. Award ceremonies like the VMAs define and crystallize the pop culture of an era. It consecrates the chosen artists while leaving the others dwelling in the shadows of anonymity. As seen above, the whole show was heavily permeated with occult symbolism, primarily focusing on the "initiation" aspect of it. Why is MTV exposing young people (who know nothing about occultism) to such rituals? Is there a subliminal effect on the viewers? Are we educating the new generation to accept these symbols as part of popular culture? There is definitively a second layer of interpretation in many of MTV's products. To decode those symbols is to understand the inner-workings of the entertainment industry.

You see folks these very entertainers sell their very souls to the devil, for fame and fortune. Reflecting on Madonna’s tribute to Jackson, one can only conclude that Michael Jackson, although he may have done many good-works for charity and helping the needy etc, he sold his soul for the fame and the riches of this world. But what Michael Jackson did not reckon with is that when you play footsie with Satan who promises them and gives them these riches, there is a price-tag attached to it. Most know that Jackson upon his death a few months back, there was speculation and the autopsy done on him proved it true, and that he was a drug user. When one looks at everything that Jackson had done on his face as far as cosmetic-surgery is concerned you see the face is literally restructured. On a program just the other night, E- Hollywood True Stories; close-up pictures was shown of Michael Jackson, and you could see that his face was falling apart. Sadly Michael Jackson had to learn the hard way, “what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul” Therefore the need for powerful drugs to ease the pain is proof of that abuse, so therefore his death was imminent. These other entertainers who go through these rituals as we have seen at such music-awards are misled thinking that they can maybe help the poor, or whatever charity they adopt doing good-works, thinking they are doing good, but really they are caught in a web of deceit with a price tag attached to it. The scripture that comes to mind here is what Paul recalls to the Romans, which is so appropriate to these situations spoken of here, Romans 1.  God of course warning men everywhere of the dangers of sinful disobedience, and that man are without excuse. You may be asking right now, why I right these things about these happenings. First of all it is to warn you parents who allow your children to watch this filth. You parents stand guilty before a holy God when you allow your children’s minds to be captivated by satanic works of this nature. Secondly it is to inform you that God will not continue to tolerate sin and in due time judgment will be forthcoming. Are we living in the last days? Yes, without a doubt we are living in the last of the last days. We are the generation of whom Jesus speaks of in Matthew 24.  In no other generation before us has so much happened in so little a time-span as is and has happened, since the re-instatement of Israel as a sovereign power on 14 May, 1948. Wars, rumors of wars, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earth quakes, in divers places, [v6-7]. Just looking at our newscasts these past several months, we see the devastation of the Haiti and USA, Japan and even China earthquakes. We see earthquake after earthquake hit the nations of the world and the devastation it does, yet man still refuses to repent of their evil ways, despite the warnings from behind the sacred pulpits and the Word that is preached. Haiti is on record as claiming they are a devil worshipping, witchcraft, voodoo practicing nation. Then one wonders why the devastating earthquakes? Another evil that has caught the imaginations of a whole generation of young kids is the Harry Potter movies. These movies, like the books written by British author J.K.Rowling has done untold damage to these young minds. The movies as we know like the books promote witchcraft at its best. Neighbor it may all look so innocent and exciting, which to a young impressionable mind does, but let me warn you parents [even Christian parents] who allow their children to watch the movies, or read the books that you have opened your child’s mind to satanic influences, God will call you to reckoning. The author of the Harry Potter books is herself a self-proclaimed Satanist. Judgment will surely come to J.K. Rowling. For the only reason my friend that Jesus himself said, if you harm or, “shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”, Matthew:18:6; Mark 4:42; Luke 17:2.  Adam Clarke says this so well in his, Commentary on the Bible, “But, on the contrary, whosoever shall cause one of the least of those who believe in me to be stumbled - to go into the spirit of the world, or give way to sin - such a one shall meet with the most exemplary punishment. Let those who act the part of the devil, in tempting others to sin, hear this declaration of our Lord, and tremble. A millstone -- an ass’s millstone, because in ancient times, before the invention of wind and water mills, the stones were turned sometimes by slaves, but commonly by asses or mules. The most ancient kind of mills among the inhabitants of the northern nations was the quern, or hand-mill. In some places in Ireland, Scotland, and the Zetland Isles, these still exist. God warns men and women everywhere that if they harm innocent little children His judgment will be brought against them. Not today or tomorrow maybe but it will come. Lets not forget about the evergreen Miss Oprah Winfrey, [those of you here in South Africa be warned] who is idolized by millions the world over, and who look to her and her new-age advisors for counsel about their lives rejecting the grace of God and help from the only true Counselor, Jesus Christ. There counsel by way of the Oprah Winfrey Show or best-selling books are false and harmful to any unsuspecting believer and unbeliever alike. Let’s continue with God’s warnings through the apostles. One of the most obvious signs of spiritual decline within the Church is apathy towards the House of God, the Word of God and the Presence of God. Never before, as far back as this writer can remember, has there been such a decline in church-attendance. Thinking back on the days as a teenager, into adolescence and even today that people are no longer concerned in their attendance of church-gatherings. When I was young the morning as well as evening services were always well attended, but today so-called Christians who claim born-again status just do not bother to come to church. Yes they come in the morning but do not attend the evening services. My friend Paul warns us who claim salvation that, “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is…Hebrews 10:25.  There are instances where in our current economic climate that Christians have to work because of work-related matters, and that is understandable. The Lord does not hold us accountable for this. But believers are without excuse in their regular and faithful attendance of what the above scripture implies. Then also there is the believer’s apathy toward reading or studying the Word of God? Every believer should at least daily study or read up on God’s Word. There is no excuse. By regular studying\reading the believer can familiarize him\herself with God’s Word, for knowledge and spiritual growth. Also there are far too many Christians that claim they are born again, saved and washed in the Blood of the Lamb. Yet when they are in a service or a gathering of believers where the Spirit and Presence of God is so tangible as to being slain in His Presence, nothing, and I mean nothing, moves or even stirs these souls to even go so far as to want to bring praise and glory and worship to the One who has brought then out of bondage to sin. Folks I am not being condescending or unkind. But truly if you have been saved, brought out of a life of sin and slavery, then surely you have something to be thankful and grateful for. I personally cannot sit or even stand still in the Presence of God, I have to give utterance to what I feel and experience in my spirit-man. I do not say this to be hurtful or unkind, but surely, if what the Son of God has achieved for my salvation on the Cross, then that is reason enough for me or whoever to want to shout His praises and worship the King of Glory.

It is rare nowadays to hear preachers speak out against sin. Listening over television on the Dstv-gospel channels it is very seldom that one hears messages dealing with sin. The American pulpit-style of addressing these issues is to teach people how to feel good about themselves. One propagator of this style of preaching is Joel Osteen. Osteen never or very seldom preaches anything near what can be called a gospel message that addresses the sin- problem in people’s lives. Another foremost proponent is Robert Schuler who for decades now has promoted a theology of self-esteem. Schuller, as far back as the 70\80’s called for a “new reformation” [stating that Luther and Calvin during the 16th century movement was a ‘reactionary movement’ because this emphasized that men are sinners], saying that once a person believes he is an ‘unworthy sinner’, it is very doubtful if that person can honestly accept the saving grace God offers in Jesus Christ”. Schuller continues with this concept by stating: “A theology of self-esteem also produces a theology of social ethics and a theology of economics…and these produce a theology of government. It all rises from one foundation: The dignity of a person who was created in the image of God. So what Schuller has been saying, and if he is correct, “accepted evangelistic practices [which has been the norm since the birth of the Church 2000 years ago], is wrong. Pastors and ministers of the gospel should stop telling people they are sinners, who are in need of Jesus Christ as Saviour. Un-believers must no longer be convinced of their sin and rebellion against a Holy God. We must never tell another human being of his lost condition and the dangers of hell, nor must we warn of the terrible consequences of rejecting the offer of salvation as an unmerited gift from God”. This is then surely and I believe you agree, that this is a major change in the Christian perspective, and of course that which the apostle Paul and all the other New Testament writers warned us about concerning the true preaching of the gospel. Paul warns the Corinthians and us about this in 2Corinthians 11:4,  “For if he who comes preaching another Jesus, whom we have not preached ; or if you receive another spirit, which you have not received, or another gospel, which you have not accepted, you might well bear with him”, and then once again to the Church in Galatians1:6-7,I marvel that you are so soon removed from Him who called you into the Grace of Christ unto another gospel; which is not another; but there is some who trouble you, and would pervert the Gospel”. Adam Clarke so aptly says that nothing other than the Word of God is to be our consultation:

It was a matter of wonder to the apostle that a people, so soundly converted to God, should have so soon made shipwreck of their faith. But mutability itself has not a more apt subject to work upon than the human heart; the alternate workings of different passions are continually either changing the character, or giving it a different colouring. Reason, not passion; the word of God, not the sayings of men; should alone be consulted in the concerns of our salvation.  Another of the false self-esteem lies, promoted by the likes of Schuller, Hinn, Copeland, Crouch is the heresy that we human-beings as believers are “little gods”, because Adam, according to Kenneth.E.Hagin, originally was the god of this world, but gave ownership of the world to Satan through a lie, that they would be as gods. Now that we through Christ have supposedly regained control of the earth, we are little god’s under the Lord Jesus Christ. My friend this is apostasy and false teachings. This is once more proof of the god-syndrome that has beset human-kind since the fall. No-where in the Bible do I read that we [believers] are to be called little gods. These are very dangerous teachings that cater to a false sense of hope. The self-esteem doctrine, and we are little gods syndrome, strikes at the very heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The central message of the New Testament is that man is a lost sinner, with no hope to save himself, and thus desperately in need of a Redeemer. Jesus Christ said of Himself, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. Jesus Christ is all you\we need nothing else. When you\we place your\our faith and trust in Him and that which was accomplished by Him on the Cross, that is all that is needed to meet all your\our needs. Be it physical, spiritual, psychological [mental], financial or otherwise; Jesus Christ will and is the only answer to all your problems. And sadly but so very true, millions have been led astray by these teachings. Many have lost their homes and possessions, and so many have even lost their way of salvation because they have listened to a gospel that is nothing else but as to what the Apostle Paul alludes to in 2Corinthians 11:4, For if he who comes preaching another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if you receive another spirit, which you have not accepted, you might well bear with him”. Paul is saying to the Corinthians that if they accept any gospel or Jesus other than what he has preached it is not the true gospel. Paul’s message was and still is today, “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified”, and anything else is “another Jesus”. Paul is telling the Corinthian Church that they have sinned because they tolerated these false apostles, who had brought “another gospel” which was something contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Cross. Adam Clarke nails it just right concerning the false teachings of not only Paul’s day, but very much our present day situation.

For if he that cometh: The false apostle, who came after St. Paul had left Corinth.

Preacheth another Jesus: Who can save more fully and more powerfully than that Jesus whom I have preached.

Or if ye receive another spirit:  And if in consequence of believing in this new saviour ye receive another spirit, the gifts, graces, and consolations of which are greater than those which ye have received from the Holy Ghost, which has been given to you on your believing on the Christ whom we preached.

Or another Gospel: Containing more privileges, spiritual advantages, and stronger excitements to holiness, than that which we have preached and which ye have accepted, ye might well bear with him. This would be a sufficient reason why you should not only bear with him, but prefer him to me.

Others think that the last clause should be rendered, Ye might well bear with Me - notwithstanding he brought you another Jesus, spirit,  and gospel, ye might bear with me, who have already ministered so long to and done so much for you. But the former sense seems best. Judgment is coming to them who in the name of Christ preach false doctrine, and mislead many astray from the truth.

It is time for the Church of Jesus Christ, meaning every believer who claims born-again status to stand for truth, and to never shy away from anyone who teaches false doctrine. If your pastor or minister is teaching doctrine contrary to what the Apostle Paul and all the other New Testament writers taught, confront him\her head on without fear or trembling. Ask God the Holy Spirit if what is being taught to reveal to you if it is truth. If the Spirit tells you it is false, pray for strength to address this and speak correction to your pastor if need be. If they refuse to be corrected, my friend it is time to bid that preacher farewell. Go and seek a place of worship where the fullness of God’s truth is preached. Saints I so want to continue with more of these writings, but I believe for now this is what the Lord would have me deliver unto you. Church it is time to get ready, for Judgment is Coming. On which side are you going to be? Will you be on the side of Truth or on the side opposite of truth? Remember if you believe in the truth of the Son of God you shall be free indeed.


God bless.